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Braz Havanese

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In Memory of Lacey

Lacey's First Show
What movement!

Our very first Havanese!

Lacey casual!
You can see her eyes!!


What a profile!!

Lacey and neighbor, Tootsie!
We didn't know she had eyes until she was 6 months old.

Lacey was our first Havanese.  We fell in love immediately. 
Lacey was full of love and mischief.  If someone was into something, it was Lacey.  She was relentless when she wanted something.  She was the guardian of our home, fearlessly protecting the homestead against any comers.
Lacey gave us beautiful and loving puppies.  She is the dam of Ch. Braz Holmes of Clearbrook, and our Emme, among others.  Her gorgeous solid body shows in her children and grandchildren.  Her beautiful face remains in our memories.

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